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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay commissions? Webervations offers Superior Customer Service - Free
No! With Webervations you pay only one low flat fee for an unlimited amount of bookings. Click here for pricing information.
What if I want guests to call me to make a reservation?
There are many configuration settings when using Webervations. If you just want to display availability and direct guests to call or email you, Webervations allows for that setting. If you want to allow guests to make a reservation request with no mention of credit cards, Webervations allows for that setting. If you want to allow guests to make a reservation request and supply credit card information, Webervations provides a secure server powered by VeriSign's data encryption technology.  If you want "real-time" confirmed bookings, will do that too!
Can I make 'real-time' confirmed reservations directly from my Web site?
Webervations handles all types of reservations including 'real-time' confirmed reservations. 
Does your system handle minimum night stays?
Yes. You can easily setup up minimum night stay requirements in the Webervations User Update Area.  You can have different booking rules for each unit, or type of unit, for every day of the week and you can have different booking rules for different seasons of the year. 
Does your system handle seasonal rates?
Yes. You can easily enter any range of dates and Webervations will apply your rates to that range of dates.  If you want, you could have a different rate for every unit for every day of the year.
Do I have to list my complete inventory?
No! Webervations allows you to list only the rooms and dates you wish. However, unlike commission or fee based reservation systems where you may not list weekend and other popular nights, with Webervations there is no reason not to list your complete inventory! With Webervations low yearly service fee there is no cost when guests book your easy to book nights. With Webervations' reservation request feature a reservation is not confirmed until you say that it is confirmed.
How am I notified when a guest makes a reservation request?
You are immediately sent an email when a guest makes a reservation request. Optionally, you can have a fax sent at the same time. Since there is a small charge for faxes, our "fax trigger" setting allows to receive faxes only for short notice bookings if you wish.  Additionally Webervations provides automatic secure downloads of guests' information to many guest management systems.
How do I keep my availability current?
Your availability can be kept current by either using our user-friendly online forms or by uploading directly from many property and guest management  programs. Some very popular systems which upload into Webervations include: RezOvation GT, RezOvation Desktop, Front Desk, GuestALL, Guest Tracker (Munsenware), GuestTracker (TCS), InnFormed Manager¬©, InnKontrol, InnOvation¬©, InnReserve, MotelMax, and others.  We have file specifications available to allow automatic uploads to be developed from any property and guest management  program.  If your software program does not provide full upload and download capabilities with Webervations, it is because they choose not to do so and we would be glad to work with them so they can offer Webervations as a feature to their customers.
What is the process for adding Webervations to my web site?
Up your property to get your Webervations ID and password. Sign on and use the Setup Wizard to tell the system how you would like the system to work. You are then provided with one simple line of HTML code which will call your Webervations' availability display from your web site. "Sign up today and start taking online reservations tomorrow."
Can you give me some current user's names so I can see how it works on their web site?
Unfortunately this is against our policy. In order to completely see how Webervations works you need to make a reservation request. We have however setup several examples of various Webervations' settings which you can completely test. Our examples can be found by clicking here.
How do guests find me?
Webervations works from any web page; your web site, from associations' web sites and from many of the most popular directory web sites. Utilizing the most powerful search engines such as Yahoo, AltaVista, Google, MSN, Excite and others, in combination with regional travel directories and national and international directories potential guests come to your web site to view to most complete, most representative, most up to date information including your Webervations availability calendar.
How many members of our group have to sign up to get the free group rollup?
We believe that a majority of your group's members will sign up once they see the benefits that the active members are receiving. Therefore, as long as the group itself is supportive of Webervations we will provide the free group rollup.
How do I sign up?
Our setup process is completely automated. You can request your Webervations ID by clicking here.
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